Primary Objectives
The Center for Women in Ministry serves in five key areas:


The Center exists as an active voice to challenge the Church's culture and call it to fully embrace the words of Acts 2:18, "Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy." Our work is done formally, through publishing articles, providing resources, increasing awareness of women in ministry, and submitting recommendations to various governing bodies within the church. Our work is also done informally, through conversation with ministerial students, ministers, and church leaders at all levels of our denomination.


The greatest struggle for many women seeking to enter the ministry is the simple task of finding a first job where they can demonstrate their gifts. The Center serves as a resource for women who are seeking ministry positions, as well as for church leaders who desire to ensure that qualified women have been considered in their hiring decisions.



The Center provides the members, ministers, and leaders of the Church with helpful information about this complex issue, including resources on topics such as gender roles, the nature of church leadership, biblical foundations for women in ministry, and dynamics of men and women serving together in the church. Currently, we offer print materials, video resources, and a web site to address these needs, and we hope to expand these offerings to include workshops, lectureships, retreats, and conferences on these issues.


The Center is a networking hub for the communication, counsel, and mentoring of women in ministry. If you are a woman in ministry or preparing for ministry, a local, district, or denominational church leader, or anyone interested in women's issues within our church, we would love to connect with you! 


So much of the debate surrounding women in ministry rests on different beliefs about what is actually happening in our churches today. Sadly, very little research has been done to provide reliable information to inform the discussion. One of the Center's key goals is to conduct research that will provide well-documented information and statistics about how women enter the ministry, and what happens in the churches they serve.